Our Projects

In order to expand the business and dimension  and  working on innovative ideas and products, we recently  introduced ourselves into a  new segment  of 4wh and 6 wheeler  product which is a PATENTED TECHNOLOGY  - Introducing First time in India  an ANTI- CORROSION  MODULE  powered by E.I.C.C.T. (ELECTROMAGNETIC INDUCTION CORROSION CONTROL TECHNOLOGY) and we are appointed as Exclusive Distributors for TAMILNADU, PUDUCHERRY & SRILANKA and reserved rights for other parts of India.       


Introduction of  New  Product :

Final coat’s non- cathodic  electromagnetic induction corrosion control technology has been proven effective in protecting galvanized steel and uses alternating current (AC) to electromagnetically induce surface currents on the protected area. The induced currents  inhibit the passivation  of zinc, allowing the zinc  to continue operating as a sacrificial anode, protecting the substrate steel.